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Fiberglass Insulation consists of extremely fine glass fibers and is found in most homes, commonly used in two different types of insulation known as Batts and Rolls. These can be placed in unfinished walls, floors and ceilings by fitting them between studs, joists & beams.

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Closed Cell Spray Foam

Spray Foam Insulation is one of the most popular types of insulation today, due to it having a high R Value per inch, as well as it being resistant to water, mold & insects. It has widely become the insulation of choice because of its capacity to seal. This type of insulation does not require an extra vapor barrier.

Traditional Types Of Insulation

Traditional Cellulose Insulation, used in attic spaces to increase the R Value in your existing home, or to provide an R Value for new builds that don’t require other types of insulation. It is made from recycled newspaper which is always in ample supply.


What People Say about Ewing Insolutions Inc.

On April 3, 2023, Ewing Insolutions insulated the unfinished basement in my Nelson heritage home ( built 1909). They did a fantastic job! I am impressed.
They set up the work within a week of my call, gave me a range of dates to choose, were timely, and when one of their workers fell ill, they immediately called in reinforcements to finish the job that same day.
     Beth, their office manager, is helpful, and efficient. She answered all my questions about insulating, and prepared me for what to expect.  What a difference this work by Ewing makes to heat loss! My basement was leaking 41% of heat through the walls and headers or box ends. Now it is 14%. I felt the difference immediately, as my home and upstairs floors were toasty warm the next day.
     In my particular case, most of the cost to insulate was covered by the government rebate system. I will describe this here for homeowners who desire energy-efficiency retrofits, but who worry they can’t afford it.
   My basement and home were assessed for energy efficiency under the CITY of Nelson’s green homes rebate/grants plan ( phone CITY 352-8132 to inquire about this.).  Ewing is the only contractor on the CITY’s approved list for insulating basements, although more contractors will eventually be added. However, Ewing does specialize in insulating any basement whether or not you are a green home applicant.
   I was very happy with Ewing.  Now, I have a sparkling clean, warm basement.
      Best of luck to other homeowners.

Lee Reid, Nelson, B.C.

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